Parcel Delivery

For our residential customers we recommend our high quality, low priced, parcel and household transport service.

ÁrvaTrans offers a reasonably priced, quality parcel service primarily for people who resides in the United Kingdom, but we also service Belgium, The Netherlands and the western and southern part of Germany.

Our vehicles are on the road 24/7, delivering packages and household items door to door. We only stop between the 25th of December and the 1st of January.



We collect and deliver parcels every single week.
In Hungary we collect the parcels between Wednesday and Saturday.

In the United Kingdom we collect the parcels between Monday and Saturday.


Our system is simple. Once you have made your booking with us we are going to tell you the exact date for the collection and we’ll call you the day before to remind you and to let you know the approximate time within a 3 hours window, like “tomorrow between 2-5pm”.



In Hungary we deliver the parcels every day of the week.

In the United Kingdom we deliver the parcels Monday through Friday.
The delivery day of your parcel/s depends on which part of the country you live in.


We will call you the day before your delivery and give you a 3 hours timeframe of when your parcel/s should arrive.

Unlike many other delivery companies, we do not collect or deliver parcels without confirmation. In every case, you need to confirm the collection or delivery times are right for you.



Delivery times from Hungary to the United Kingdom takes 2-8 days after collection.

Delivery times from the United Kingdom to Hungary takes 2-11 days.

Depending on the collection and delivery address.

For an example: London-Budapest is 2-3 days, but Leicester-Lenti is 9-11 days.

Please ask us for the expected time of delivery when you place your order.



Coverage in the United Kingdom:

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Coverage in Hungary and southern Slovakia:

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Europe coverage through Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France

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Every parcel is different and for this reason we can only calculate prices once you give us the data we need.

  • We will need the size: Length, Width and Height in cm (we need all three)
  • And the approximate weight in kilograms

Please see the price table below or call us.

As you can see, we have standard prices for basic parcels. If your parcel is smaller, or larger or heavier, call us and we’ll be happy to calculate the price accordingly.

One small parcel is up to 12.5kg. (Lower price)

One standard parcel is up to 25 kilograms or 90x50x35cm whichever comes first. If yours is heavier or larger in size, email or call us for pricing.

If you have more than one parcel sent to the same address, we will give you a discount from the second parcel on. Why not talk to your friends and send all your parcels together to get a lower price. (Picked up from the same address)

Küldendő mennyiség: H => GB (Bruttó) GB => H (Bruttó)
1 kis alapcsomag
0,08 m3 12,5 kg-ig
10.000 Ft 11.000 Ft
1 alapcsomag
0,16m3 25kg
13.200 Ft 14.300 Ft
1,5 alapcsomag
0,24m3 37,5 kg
18.800 Ft 20.500 Ft
2 alapcsomag
0,32m3 50 kg
24.400 Ft 26.700 Ft
2,5 alapcsomag
0,4m3 62,5 kg
30.000 Ft 32.900 Ft
3 alapcsomag
0,48m3 75 kg
35.600 Ft 39.100 Ft
3,5 alapcsomag
0,56m3 87,5kg
41.200 Ft 45.300 Ft
4 alapcsomag
0,64m3 100kg
46.800 Ft 51.500 Ft


If your shipment exceeds the size or weight in the above table or if you are unsure, give us a call and we’ll happy to give you an individual discounted price.

If you send a return parcel from the same address we deliver to, we’ll give you 1,000 forints discount on the return parcel.



Ask for a quote!




The easiest way to start is to click on the order button and start filling out the form.


If you would like to place your order by email or phone we’ll need the following information:

  • The sender’s name,address,telephone number
  • The recipient’s name,address,telephone number
  • Best time to collect
  • The number of parcels, their size and total weight

You can contact us by email at:

Or you can call us on the numbers below from 8am to 5pm

• Duty line:  +36-30-436-3824 from 8 am to 8 pm

Hungarian mobil phone numbers (8am – 17pm):

+36-30-637-2673 - Kabai Tibor, Olasz Krisztian

+36-30-289-3677 - Nagy Attila

+36-30-827-7287 - Ördög Illes

+36-30-869-8448 – if you have already placed your order


UK phone numbers: (8am -17pm):




Hungarian landline numbers:

+36-62-510-650 - Kabai Tibor, Olasz Krisztián, Szabolcs Árva

+36-62-510-200 - Nagy Attila

+36-62-209-240 - Ördög Illés



  • It would cost too much to send by airplane
  • If you are missing your favourite furniture, bicycle or motorcycle
  • If you buy a whole lot of good stuff on a car boot sale or on Ebay and would like to send some of them home
  • Or simply want some goodies from home or from family and friends
  • For companies that want to send something between the UK and Hungary quickly and safely



  • We cover Slovakia up to 40 kilometers from the border
  • Our delivery fee covers the entire country of Hungary and the marked areas on the map in the UK
  • No other extra fee, No extra fee per kilometer
  • If you send a return parcel we’ll give you 1,000 forints discount
  • You can ask us at anytime of where your parcel is at the moment (during business hours)
  • We deliver all parcels door to door without using outside contractors